RAV Auditing

RAV Auditing is a program established to ensure the quality and consistency of catering establishments. RAV Auditing is based on the method of Mystery Guest Program (MGP), which is a powerful and globally recognized tool used to evaluate hospitality properties. Our program is customized with added-value to best suit different businesses.

Why RAV Auditing?

RAV Auditing assesses and controls the quality of products and services. Through RAV Auditing, we are devoted to help our clients gain a better overview of their operation as well as detect faults in management in order to:

  • Uphold service quality, fulfill guests’ experience, and generate retention
  • Conduct unique competitive advantages

Benefits of RAV Auditing

RAV Auditing acts as a true customer experiencing true products and services in order to provide the most accurate and detailed assessment. The evaluation is based on a professional method and process.