Langlieu Restaurant Awards

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Uploaded: 15.08.2020 | 9:27 GMT+7

The Lang Lieu Prize revealed the reality of life of Vietnamese ancestors. In the brocade country, Vietnamese people living in harmony with nature and sticking with agriculture soon formed a culinary culture with philosophical depth and spiritual dimension. The Vietnamese people pay attention to the dialectic relationship of yin and yang that ensures the yin and yang harmony of food; The balance of yin and yang in the body and the balance of yin and yang between humans and the natural environment. Banh Chung, the rice cake is imbued with the philosophy of the yin and yang five elements from the way of shaping, selecting and combining ingredients to how to cook the cake. This is the unique secret of Vietnamese cuisine.

Through the test of time, Vietnamese cuisine converges in its core values: Delicious, healthy and meaningful. King Hung VI has taken those sustainable values ​​as the criteria of the culinary competition. In recent years, traditional Vietnamese dishes have crossed the space to continents, being honored by the world. This confirms the epochal character of Vietnamese culinary culture. The dishes are delicious, delicious and have a sense of tradition, which will also match the trend of cuisine in the future.

LangLieu is a platform built with the aim of developing Food & Beverage industry in Vietnam through digital interaction. With many years of experience of a team of senior advisors who are experts in the field of Restaurants, Cuisine and Beverages, LangLieu confidently becomes a place to exchange, share, learn, train and distribute. development of talents and organizations in the field of Restaurants and Cuisine.

In 2015, CNN Magazine announced the Top 8 most pervasive emerging cuisines in the world, including Vietnam. On October 12, 2019, at the World Travel Awards (WTA), Vietnam was awarded “Asia’s Top Food Destination”. In recent years, Vietnam Cuisine Tourism has returned. become a prominent trend in attracting tourists, opening up great opportunities to promote the local economy, preserve and promote culture.The attraction of Vietnamese delicacies is due to its rich products. – Mother Nature’s gift to a tropical country with diverse terrains, different climates with abundant seafood from thousands of km long waters and dense river systems; selecting, processing and mixing all kinds of animal and plant materials with spices according to the yin-yang balance philosophy; to the organization and enjoyment of dishes in a respectful, friendly and sophisticated manner. It is a characteristic of Vietnamese people, which is the Vietnamese Culinary Culture – a core part of the national cultural heritage crystallized for a long time.
In the context of science and technology developed like a storm; international integration and cooperation opens up many prospects and challenges, Innovation in the restaurant industry, Cuisine must become the driving force and optimal solution to promote internal strengths to enhance competitiveness.

LangLieu platform is the first restaurant / culinary business ecosystem in Vietnam, your companion in the process of personal development, innovation, development of network of investment cooperation, … creates a synergy that grows your business efficiently and sustainably!
Originating from concerns about the inadequate stature of Vietnam Food Tourism compared to its inherent potential, the Vietnam Restaurant Association (RAV) has cherished a dream of building an interactive platform, connecting, supporting and promoting the network development in the culinary and restaurant industry in Vietnam.

LangLieu is formed based on core values ​​including:
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