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  With the unpredictable developments of the F&B market in the past time, not many businesses can afford to stand up until the end of 2020. According to the survey results of the General Statistics Office on the impact of Covid-19 , up to 86% of Vietnamese enterprises are suffering from negative impacts from the pandemic, more than 200,000 businesses will go bankrupt if the epidemic lasts until the end of quarter 4. With great devastation, Covid-19 forced F&B businesses to change to absorb valuable lessons about long-term direction, vision and long-term plans in the production business. This is the time to re-evaluate and optimize the strategy, but the technology strategy is the key factor to help businesses overcome this crisis. Digital transformation has been affirming the power of flexibility and the ability to improve operating efficiency for businesses, including F&B businesses. Technology applications will be a powerful tool to help F&B businesses revive and return to the track after the crisis. According to a study by strategic consulting firm McKinsey, mobility and flexibility in operation can help businesses increase operating efficiency by 30-50%, thereby improving financial targets by 20-30%. As part of a series of activities to support F&B businesses in applying digital transformation in increasing operational efficiency and business development, especially in the context of heavy impact by Covid-19, Vietnam Restaurant Association (RAV ) In collaboration with to co-organize an online seminar with the topic: “BUILDING COMPETITIVE BENEFITS FOR F&B ENTERPRISES ON DIGITAL BASIS”. The Covid-19 wave is returning in Vietnam. We must promptly change to adapt. Join the webinar now and listen to advice from industry leaders and hands-on experiences that have helped their businesses thrive even in Covid-19! ⭐ Time: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM Thursday, August 13, 2020 ⭐ Form of seminar: Online webinar on Livestorm platform The event is organized in the form of online, giving you easy access to useful information from experts anywhere, saving you time and absolute safety. ⭐ Speaker information: Mr. Chu Hong Minh: President of Vietnam Restaurant Association (RAV) Mr. Bien Tran: Director of HCM Branch – – Mr. Trung Huynh: Managing Director of Kudova Loyalty Platform – Mr. Chi Pham: Deputy Director of Domino Saus Pizza ⭐ Agenda workshop: 9: 00-9: 10: Introduce speakers and main content of the seminar – 9: 10-09: 20: Summary of the post-Covid-19 situation & the demand for digital transformation of F&B businesses – 09: 20-09: 45: Case study – Sharing experiences of technology application in management & operation- Anh Trung Huynh – CEO of Kudova Loyalty Platform, former Chief Technology Officer of The Coffee House. – 09: 45-10: 45: Talk and Q&A Building a competitive advantage for F&B businesses on digital platforms Note: The seminar will limit the number of participants to ensure stable transmission quality, the organizer will send a confirmation email to each guest after receiving registration. Sign up for the event quickly to equip yourself with a solid knowledge of digital transformation to increase your competitive edge during and after the crisis! Sign up now at: For any questions about the event, invitations and related information, please contact Ms. Sally Bui (0936,583,423 –


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