Center for Food and Beverage Innovation (CFBI) is powered by Restaurant Association Vietnam in partnership with KisStartup as a key operation partner. With a smooth combination of a strong network of food and beverage suppliers, restaurants, and investors with years of experience in innovation, CFBI offers food and beverage-related projects, startups, and existing enterprises a unique resource to accelerate their companies.

We’re on a mission to:
  • Seek and nurture food and beverage-related innovative projects, startups, and existing enterprises that are rooted in the Asian region and dedicated to making their community a better world.
  • Connect food and beverage-related innovative projects, startups, and existing enterprises to essential resources and network
  • Mentors
  • Experienced Advisors in Intellectual Property, Accounting, and etc. 
  • Innovation Coaches 
  • Business Matching between startups and investors, enterprises, suppliers, corporates
  • Events
FOCUS 2020

In 2020, CFBI centers its focus on: 

  • PARTNERSHIP:  As we all understand, we can not commit to our mission alone. This year, we aim to collaborate with universities, associations, corporates and supporting organizations at the local and international levels. 
  • INCUBATION & ACCELERATION: As part of CFBI, we are eager to seek potential projects for our Incubation and Acceleration Program 2020 which is the first-of-its-kind program for projects in food and beverage industry in Vietnam.

To be qualified for CFBI Incubator and Accelerator, you have to: 

  1. Be a food and/or beverage-related project/startup/existing enterprises
  2. Have a team with at least two people 
  3. Seek for funds or scale-up
  • CONNECTION: After years of experience in business and investment matching, at CFBI, we continue to act as a trustworthy connector between innovative projects and corporates, suppliers, and investors who are keen on partnering with and/or invest in creative food/beverage-related solutions. Business and investment matching sessions are going to be organized throughout the year, ending with DEMO DAY where showcase innovative F&B solutions. 



For any inquiries, feel free to contact us via: 


Mobile: +84.978.137.894 (Thao) 

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