The Panel Discussion between The Ministry of Sustainability Management School (SUMAS) and the representative of RAV

“When we face such huge challenges in our food system, we are forced to ask the question: How much is ‘enough’ for a business to do on sustainability? “

Government and policy are playing catchup fast, trying to implement ways to reward those commercially for doing the right thing. There’s never been a more important or opportune time to be bold and take big steps. For us, a truly sustainable food business is one that has a restorative impact on the land, and the people upon which it depends. Restorative in this context means that because the business operates, the land and the people touched along the way (all the way from farmer and field to employee and diner) are left in a better place because of its existence.

Within the restaurants, sustainable practices will benefit a business’s bottom line by reducing operating costs. Reducing a business’s impact on the environment means reducing waste, and reducing waste means saving money.

Knowing this, on September 30th, the representative of RAV have a panel discussion with the Ministry of Sustainability Management School (SUMAS) about the plan to implement training programs and monthly workshops on Sustainability Management for Vietnam F&B owners and managers, in order to help them minimize unnecessary operating costs.

SUMAS have identified this knowledge gap and have developed academic programs with the goal to prepare future industry captains for leading companies towards sustainability. Addition, SUMAS was the first business school in the world to launch the BBA and MBA in Sustainability Management. The training method combines high level academic education with real life projects in partnership with top companies.

The signing of a memorandum of understanding between SUMAS and RAV will take place at ASIA Food & Beverage Summit – The first, the biggest and hottest event in Vietnam F&B sectors, organized to welcome Vietnam becoming the chairman of ASEAN in 2020. ASIA F&B Summit will serve as a comprehensive platform providing not only unlimited networking opportunities and business development for the F&B industry of Vietnam, but also encouraging culture and economic exchange between Vietnam, ASEAN countries and other countries in the world.

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