[Summary] Workshop 05: Skills Standard & Assessment for Staff in the F&B Industry”

Over the years, Vietnam has seen rapid growth in the number of F&B operators including independent and chain restaurants, pubs, bars of both local and foreign brands. With the high demand in expanding the business, it is important for the owners, managers to maintain its quality of service. This is why it is essential for every F&B players to have a standardized operation procedure as well as to understand how to assess and manage the performance of their staff. These will be the key factors to maximize revenue.

By knowing these challenges of many restaurants owners, Restaurant Association of Vietnam collaborated with SANT Vietnam to organize a workshop focusing on ‘Skills Standard & Assessment for Staff in the F&B Industry’

This workshop provides detailed information on the skills standard for F&B staff, from mise-en-place, taking orders to the service process. Each of these skills will be explained through a demonstration for better understanding. The importance of a staff assessment and how to organize one will also be explained throughout the workshop.

On August 15th, the workshop took place at Hospitality Hub, 33 Hoang Dieu Str., Ward 10, Phu Nhuan District with the attendance of 2 well-known speakers: Mr. Hoang Quoc Viet – General Manager of SANT Vietnam and Mr. Nguy Hoang Anh Phi – General Manager of Thien Hong Bat Dat Hotel. 

The room was filled with over 20 participants who are owners, directors, and managers of several well-known F&B establishments in HCMC. The opening was then made by Mr. Chu Hong Minh- President of RAV with the introduction of RAV and its vision for the F&B industry of Vietnam in the next 5 years. 

The workshop is then continued by the sharing session of Mr. Viet. He wowed the attendees with his knowledge and experience in assessing the employees through a demonstration of how an assessment session is conducted and how to effectively assess the employees. 

The participants were very impressed with the demonstration of how to set-up a table of Western and Asian cuisine style and many of them were busy recording the demonstration in order to use it as a reference for their staff. 

And whats surprised them the most was the statement made by Mr. Viet “There are no perfect standards, we have to learn and research different standards and understand which ones are suitable and which ones are not for your business model. Only then your business can operate effectively.”

Moreover, the attendees also expressed that the sharing session of Mr.Phi really caught their attention as he shared about the skills that a Trainer should have. He stated that “A Trainer should have 4 main skills which are: how to deliver the knowledge to the learner, how to ask questions to the learner, how to explain & answer the questions to the learner and last but not least job skills”.

Everyone remained attentive throughout this 3 hours workshop with lots of interactions as many questions were asked and answered as well as plenty of ideas were shared. The participants said that the workshop was very useful as they can easily apply the knowledge they learn today to their business and wish to attend upcoming events of RAV.

After receiving positive responses from the participants and to continue the success of this workshop, RAV decided to choose this workshop to be RAV’s first event in Hanoi, marking an important step in expanding RAV brand to other cities. Surprisingly, more than 20 people signed up for the event. 

RAV believed that the demand, as well as the F&B services, are different in 2 regional: HCMC and Hanoi. That is why together with Mr. Hoang Quoc Viet, we invited Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Long – Operation Manager at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort to be the speakers for our workshop.  

And once again, we ended with another successful workshop, thanks to the knowledge, effort and devotion of the speakers. It was a great sight to see how happy the participants were and many potential collaborations opportunities were developed through the event too. 

RAV will continue to organize more workshops and events in the future to connect more F&B players and to together strengthen the F&B industry in Vietnam. 


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