Natural, Healthy and Sustainable food will shape 2020

 You should remember these 5 criteria below if you want to develop a new product for your restaurant.

1. (Even) more natural

The trend towards natural and organic food isn’t slowing down: in fact, its popularity is increasing, and 2020 is predicted to be the biggest year yet for this category. Consumers will continue to reject products that contain too many additives, and instead embrace natural ingredients like premium fruit and vegetables.

2. Healthy ageing

Healthy ageing products aren’t just targeted at the over 60s: consumers of all generations are becoming more aware of how what they consume affects their lifespan, health and appearance. For example, more and more manufacturers are looking to tap into the anti-ageing power of the antioxidants in berries such as strawberries and aronia.

3. A good gut feeling

What started with probiotic yoghurts has now expanded into fermented foods like kefir and kombucha – gut health is a category we expect to expand in 2020. Although the acidity and unusual flavour are a hurdle for many consumers, we predict that sweetening fermented foods and beverages with fruits and vegetables, like raspberry and plum, to improve their palatability will become more and more common.

4. More traceability, less waste

Consumers aren’t just interested in the end product any more: they’re looking for sustainability. A key concern is food waste, and with more than 50 million tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables discarded every year across Europe – simply for aesthetic reasons. Many of our growers ensure that any crop unsuitable for retail is pumped into our industrial ingredient supply chain, thus avoiding unnecessary transport, packaging and storage costs, as well as waste.

5. Convenience remains king

Convenient, eat-on-the-go food isn’t a new trend by any means but, in 2020, we’ll see it elevated to a whole new level. Food and drink manufacturers and retailers will need to tap even further into an audience which is increasingly time-strapped with busy schedules, yet doesn’t want to sacrifice health goals, or end its curiosity for new ingredients, flavours and formats.

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