From Vietnamese Fish sauce to “Kitchen of the World”

“What is the difference of Pho, compared to Japanese and Chinese noodles?”

Is it because Pho comes from rice origin? Not really, China also has noodles from rice.

So where does the difference come from?

Not only pho but also the delicious taste of Vietnamese food is from Fish sauce. With no sauce, Vietnamese food will be lack of taste.

Vietnamese Fish sauce deserves to be a core position of Vietnamese cuisine. It’s like cheese with Europeans, soy sauce with Japanese, to bring Umami – “Taste of good” in Japanese. Considered the 5th position, besides sweet, sour, bitter, salty, umami are considered as the most refined taste, connecting and “pushing” the rest for each dish more charming. Umami can soften the tongue of fastidious diners in 5-star restaurants, and also for the poor. Umami is most formed during the fermentation of protein. Fermented cheeses from milk, fermented soy sauce from soybeans, and fish sauce are fermented from fish and intestines of fish.

Thanks to this difference and characteristic, the bowl of pho becomes very Vietnamese – charming, soft, different from Japanese noodles. Fish sauce is like a long dress, so each Vietnamese girl shows off her waist gracefully, unlike a discreet Japanese girl in a kimono.

The cuisine is a unique industry that not only brings great revenue and sustainable development – the restaurant segment has reached nearly 4,000 billion USD globally in 2018, but also the “soft power” of each country, where every country cleverly occupies the guest heart sweetly through the stomach path.

During the economic crisis of 2008-2010, American economists discovered an admirable phenomenon: while all economic sectors were in a recession, the revenue of Japanese restaurant chains was still strongly growing. For that reason, countries have not regretted their efforts to promote their culinary spirit in every possible creative way. When American ambassadors worked on making fried chicken and hamburgers during many diplomatic meetings, French President Charles De Gaulle’s showed off French cheese with boastful pride, “how can it be managed?” a country with 246 types of cheese “.

When we dreamed of bringing Vietnam to “The Kitchen of the World”, the fish sauce – the soul of Vietnamese cuisine is still in the middle of being long-suffering because it has not been properly cared for. Located in Southeast Asia – the center of sauce production, we have pride in the tradition of making the fish sauce for a long time. But in the international market, many Phu Quoc brand sauce bottles are being produced and marketed by Thai businesses.

“Marry a girl, just because of the lip” – this proverb is like an expensive metaphor, suggesting how to build the brand of Vietnamese cuisine in international diners through the sauce. In addition to the delicious and healthy impression of Vietnamese food, the sauce, and its polite and cultural depth will be the things that remain in the minds of customers so that they can understand and love Vietnamese cuisine. Vietnamese culinary identity will become more personal and different if we know how to tell the stories of awe and attractive about the fish sauce – the essence of the sea.

If big businesses cooperate effectively with traditional sauce producers. This cooperation has both promoted traditional power and been encouraged by public opinion. By making a professional market of large businesses, will bring the win-win results among the parties. It will contribute to promoting a new level, to reach the international market as a transverse messenger of Vietnamese cuisine and culture.

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