Dcorp R-Keeper published the strategy to become a Technology Holding in Hospitality and Retail

Aiming to develop and become a specialized Technology Holding in consulting and implementing Hospitality & Retail and payment technology management solutions.

Dcorp R-Keeper has nearly 30 years of experience in consulting and implementing management solutions for Hospitality & Retail. So far, Dcorp R-Keeper has 250 branches in more than 50 countries around the world, supporting operations with thousands of business locations. In Vietnam, after more than 10 years in the field of providing management solutions for the F&B industry, with great success for leading restaurants and coffee chains in Vietnam such as Red Sun, VinGroup, QSR Vietnam, Golden Gate, NISO, King Coffee … Dcorp R-Keeper Vietnam has officially made a leap forward with new investment flows and becomes an intensive Technology Holding in consulting and developing the management solutions for Hospitality, Retail, Payment Technology, and IT System Management Services.

Mr. Ajay Kondal – Global Sales Manager, UCS Group (Holding company of Dcorp R-Keeper Vietnam)

According to Mr. Ajay Kondal – Global Sales Manager, UCS Group (Holding company of Dcorp R-Keeper Vietnam) shared: “As a pioneer in consulting and implementing solutions Modern Technology for F&B industry, we are making an important transition by continuing to invest and expand our business, serving the digital transformation trend for businesses operating in Hospitality & Retail industry (including: Restaurants, Hotels, Chain of Retail, Supermarkets, Casinos, Cinemas, Chain of Fitness & Spa centers, Family Entertainment centers, Children’s play facilities, Complex Entertainment centers with many models …).

In addition to distributing, consulting and deploying world-leading technology solutions for the market, Dcorp R-Keeper also opened an R&D center in Vietnam. The center is responsible for better identifying and serving business needs in the local market. The expansion of this investment and expansion is the affirmation of our capacity as well as the mission of pioneering technological innovations, not only in the international market but also in the Vietnamese market with the highest priority “.

More details at: www.dcorp.com.vn 

Also at the event, Dcorp R-Keeper Vietnam published the expansion of business activities, including:

Dcorp R-Commerce

Consulting & implementing, developing comprehensive Technology Ecosystem from Online to Offline to help Restaurants and Cafés automate activities such as Order taking, payment, multi-channel sales, multi-channel customer care, changing the way of operating at each selling location, maximizing the experience for customers, following the comprehensive “Digital Transformation” model of the F&B industry and helping restaurants and cafes to “Go Digital “.

Dcorp iHospitality

Technology solutions for Hotels, Cinemas, Chain of Fitness centers (GYM); Chain of Spa; Family Entertainment centers (FEC); Children’s play facilities, Complex Entertainment centers (Theme Park) …

Dcorp iRetail

Consulting & implementing comprehensive Technology solutions and changing the operation of Retail Shops, Supermarkets, and Shopping Malls. Increase multi-tool, multi-channel, multi-interaction and provide the most modern facilities for shoppers.

Dcorp R-Keeper Vietnam published the expansion of business activities 

Dcorp One-Click-Payment

This technology supports the latest payment platforms, making payments more convenient, fast, and easy with the click of a button or a QR-code scan.

Dcorp IT Managed Service

Providing comprehensive services from auditing, consulting, implementation, care, maintenance, evaluation and comprehensive monitoring of IT systems in Hospitality & Retail businesses.

“With strong investment and global standard products, Dcorp R-Keeper Vietnam’s customer segment is chain business models and customers that have the desire to improve business operations as well as standardize their operating processes,” said James Duong Nguyen, General Director of Dcorp R-Keeper Vietnam.

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