Looking back at the culinary event of the year: Vietnam Gastronomy Tourism 2018, fulfillment from the eye to the stomach

On Dec 8th and 9th, International Alumni Network – iAN and Restaurant Association Vietnam Initiative – RAV Initiative’s representatives announced to open the culinary-hiphop-seminar events within the framework of International Friendship Day – IFD which is held annually: iAN Talk, Vietnam Gastronomy Tourism 2018 and iAN Hip-Fest International 2018. The events included overseas seminars, culinary activities with diverse Vietnamese dishes accompanied by the Hip-Hop dance battles between B-Boys, B-Girls and crews.

The events attracted more than thousands of people who were food and Hip-Hop lovers as well as pedestrians, especially youngsters and foreigners since they were held at the Cultural Youth House located in the centre of Saigon, not to mention the annual event of iAN – International Friendship Day (IFD) with the participation and endless support from college students part of whom were also the volunteers of the events.

To meet the expectation of participants and with the aim of bringing best service and facilities to the visitors, Chef Ly Lim Long – Regional Judge from World Association of Chefs Societies (World Chefs) from Hoan My Cuisine Company and RAV Initiative prepared the food ingredients as well as the venue.

Fascinating and entertaining moments from alongside activities

One of the most highlight moments of the series of events was the Record “10-metre Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls participated by the most international contestants”.  Goi Cuon is considered as Vietnamese quintessential dish and its global reputation excited all the foreign participants coming from 12 countries and territories. With the help of experienced cooks from Hoan My Cuisine Company from practicing the rolling skill to officially making the 10-metre Goi Cuon, the Record was set successfully by overseas Hip-Fest contestants amongst the cheering crowd.

Besides, through the warm-up game “Catch The Word” whose rule was simply guessing the name of Vietnamese dishes through pictures, it can be seen that all the visitors were extremely excited about Vietnamese specialties and took part in the game enthusiastically.

Specifically, the Record “10-metre Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls participated by the most international contestants” introduced Goi cuon and its recipe worldwide, but in general, the culinary event Vietnam Gastronomy Tourism 2018 did create an ideal atmosphere for not only integrating transnational friendships but also shaping the love for Vietnamese cuisine. Like it is said that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and food knows no borders, no boundaries.

With the idea of “Vietnamese cuisine reaches out to the world” based on the theme of “Vietnam: Integration and Development” and looking forward to supporting and promoting the growth of the restaurant-service industry in Vietnam as well as contributing to the blooming era of Vietnamese cuisine – becoming the “Kitchen of the World”, through the culinary event Vietnam Gastronomy Tourism 2018 as well as other parallel events and with the participation of international friends from 12 different countries and territories, Restaurant Association Vietnam Initiative – RAV Initiative is once again profoundly grateful to all the visitors, athletes and college students coming to the events and contributing to the success enormously. Last words, RAV Initiative is looking forward to the wholehearted support for forthcoming events so that Vietnam’s culinary art and culture will be strongly introduced and opportunities will be created for the development of the city and nation’s tourism industry.

Organization Boards, Partner, Diamond Sponsor and Co-operation unit

Restaurant Association Vietnam Initiative (RAV Initiative) is the representative organization of the restaurant, coffee and catering enterprises in Vietnam. RAV supports and promotes the development of the Vietnamese food industry to the world – becoming “Kitchen of the World” through innovative solutions for training, auditing and manpower, etc. to bring practical benefits to RAV members including: Standardizing operation process; Developing and retaining high-quality human resources; Increasing revenue in short-term; Marketing and branding; Developing more opportunities for network expansion; Ensuring business sustainable development.

The International Alumni Network – iAN is an organization connecting the high-quality manpower of former Vietnamese overseas students in different period of time and in various professions, forming a generation of intelligentsia and a community of active and creative entrepreneurs who volunteer to participate in the construction and development of the country.

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Trinh Tran

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