Capturing Vietnam’s Foodservice Industry 2018: Female consumers is becoming the key factor of the Out of Home (OOH) market revenue

With more women tending to go out for a meal, they have been considered as potential customers in Vietnam’s F&B Industry which can shift the OOH market revenue.

Vietnamese women make up 50.8 percent of Vietnam’s population and some 50 percent of the country’s workforce according to the National Committee for the Advancement of Women. In the recent survey from Decision Lab, a new Hochiminh City based-market research firm indicates that in all categories, female customers’ proportions are much higher than ones of male, namely Full-service restaurant (FSR), Quick-service restaurant (QSR), Street food, Convenience store (CVS), Canteen and Bar/Pub.

Image 01: Year-Over-Year Average spending growth by Genders

In total, women’s contribution to the Out of Home market revenue has increased by the enormous 10 percent. Simultaneously, the statistics showed that women were most interested in QSR, CVS, and Canteen where served foreign cuisines and outlets such as Hotpot, BBQ or Japanese food.

Image 02: Year-Over-Year Traffic growth of cuisines in Foreign cuisines

The Decision Lab’s 2018 report also revealed three interesting myths about Vietnamese female customer. People always assume that women care more about health than men, prefer to eat on the premises and are likely to be offered promotion/discount/voucher while eating out. In fact, when comparing the numbers in percentage of both genders in these three categories, Vietnamese women and men remained the same habits, not to mention that men were showing a higher preference in on-premises consumption and healthy food.

All things considered, Decision Lab points out that food and drink manufacturers should focus on take-away, delivery service and healthy soft drink as well as brand’s slogan which can catch the women’s eye when obviously the influence of female customer is vitally real

Source: Decision Lab

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