Thrilled by a desire to help Vietnamese food startups to overcome those challenges to thrive, as well as derived from our core advantages of a variety of business development services for food startups and a group of investors interested in food industry that we have developed for the last two years, KisStartup joining with Innovation Land of Tourism (ILT), Restaurant Association Vietnam (RAV) and Vietnam Hospitality Network (VHN) now officially bring Food Alfa project – to life with an aim of helping Vietnamese food startups to grow.

1/ FOOD ALFA’s Introduction

Food Alfa project aims to support Vietnamese startups in the food production / food business through diversified activities:

  • Funding for startups in Food Industry that includes but not limited to Food, Farming, Food Processing, Biotechnology, etc.
  • Incubating through training, coaching, mentoring to help startups find product-market fit and validate their business model
  • Accelerating through intensive coaching, mentoring and matching with potential investors.

2/ FOOD ALFA’s highlights

Food Alfa is the first food-focus hybrid model of incubator and accelerator for food businesses in Vietnam with:

  • Flexible choice of investment connection or incubation or acceleration
  • A network of experienced businessmen in food and hospitality industry to be potential mentors and/or investors to help your business grow
  • Experienced innovation coaches intensively work with you every week (for 3 months-6 months)
  • Tailored incubation/acceleration/investment connection program to help you achieve your goals

3/ Eligibility Criteria and Register Form

Here are eligibility criteria for each activity. All the projects must meet all the requirements before registering:


  • Possessing a product and a technology
  • Raising fund to scale up your business


  • At either:  ideation and/or problem-solution fit and/or business model validation stage


  • Revenue generation
  • Demand for scaling up your business
  • Calling for investment


Please follow steps below to get ready for a stronger growth of your food startup.

Step 1: Application

  •        To apply for Funding, fill out this form (click HERE)
  •        To apply for Incubating, fill out this form (click HERE)
  •        To apply for Accelerating, fill out this form (click HERE)

Step 2: Interview

Step 3: Result Announcement and Recommendation

Contact via email: for more information

4/ About KisStartup

KisStartup was established in 2015 with the mission to accompany entrepreneurs and startups in enhancing their innovation capacity, to support them to innovate more effectively and bring more practical benefits to the community

5/ Contact

To be consulted and supported, please contact via email

6/ RAV – An active partner

As KisStartup’s partner, Restaurant Association of Vietnam – RAV Initiative aims to be the pioneer and leader that guides Vietnam catering industry towards its blooming era – becoming the “Kitchen of the World” by hosting and implementing many programs which support and promote the development of F&B Industry in Vietnam.

In addition, RAV provides management tools including training, auditing, and manpower for foodservice businesses to navigate and overcome obstacles. Through our programs as well as courses and workshops, we can ensure our clients the most effective operation thus leading to a gain in competitive advantage and profit as well as a promising sustainable development.

>>> For more information about RAV’s membership, please contact via



T: +8428 66 76 96 96


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