The 8th Tourism Promotion Organization for Asia Pacific Cities: Smart Tourism

Tourism Promotion Organization for Asia Pacific Cities – TPO is an international organization established in 2002. TPO was born to be an inter-city network to promote the exchange and development of tourism industry among major cities in the Asia Pacific region. This year, Ho Chi Minh City proudly held the 8th TPO Forum from 20th to 24th June featuring ‘Smart Tourism’, providing opportunities for travel agencies and members to exchange new ideas and information to increase their competitiveness through utilizing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as one of the tourism resources.

Carrying the mission of providing all-inclusive solutions for business operating in hospitality and tourism industry as well as creating a multi-dimensional interactive platform where all members (Manpower – School – Enterprise – Expert – National Tourism Administrative Organisation) have an opportunity to improve operational skills & experience, Hospitality & Tourism Solutions (HTS Group) and Vietnam Hospitality Network (VHN) are honored to be part of the TPO Travel Trade & Smart Tourism Products Exhibition on the 22nd June 2018. It was a great opportunity for us to introduce our products which are Restaurant Rating & Ranking Program – a professional restaurant rating system aims to identify and evaluate restaurants according to their quality and RAV Training Program – an in-depth training program for restaurant and catering businesses with innovative training model, combining both online and on-campus courses.

At TPO, we were able to meet more than 100 companies including travel agencies, airlines, and tourism related organizations as well as media from Vietnam and other countries in the Asia Pacific region to discuss and exchange knowledge within the common goal of promoting the development of tourism sector amid the fourth industrial revolution.

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